020: Joseph Fielding Smith Manual–Lesson 1, “Our Father In Heaven”

In this episode I begin with couple announcements which introduce and describe additional ways that everyone can participate in the Exploring Sainthood Podcast. For your reference, the “jobs” I mention include: ES Home Teacher (currently Joseph Wasden), ES Visiting Teachers, ES Mission Leader, ES Devotional Organizer, ES News Team (Jodi England Hansen, Carl Youngblood, Daniel Lewis), ES Youth Sunday School Teachers, ES/EQ Teachers. For these projects I want us to be able to model thoughtful and interesting ways to engage church materials. Many of us who choose to continue attending church and participating in callings can often struggle with how to teach or engage the materials in a way that feels right. I personally believe that there are so many different ways to thoughtfully engage church materials that can be beneficial to everyone, including those in our wards. I thus feel it would be so valuable to create an opportunity for various different people to have the chance to experiment with these topics, and to be able to be a part of the podcast team. If you are interested in participating in any of these roles, please contact us.

I also talk about our new voicemail system, where anyone can call and record a message which can be included in future podcasts. This phone number is 206-338-7459. I then go on to share ideas for teaching the first lesson of the JFS manual entitled “Our Father In Heaven.” As always, thank you so much for listening.


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